Ep #1384 (2017.12.10) - Refrigerator Ingredients Battle

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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I love the cooking episodes! Link please:)
ErnieYoung wrote:
I sent you a PM.
冷蔵庫の食材で うまいもん作ったるわバトル~!!

Thanks Ernie! Please send me this link too!

Hi Ernie San

Can you plz send me the dl link of this Ep, this one sounds interesting,

Thank you
Ayaka wrote:
rocky_iwata wrote:
Great idea.

Too bad the crew either have their standard a bit too high or just can't cook. Tanaka is a certified Chinese chef yet couldn't pass the gang's tastes.

He's certified? LOL I guess they just have expensive tastes, esp. Matsumoto since he can afford it..

It can be that he got ingredients randomly as well.

But at least Tanaka did make the dish he supposed to make. Hamada though.... :rofl:
Link please ^_^
Please send me the link Ernie Thank you :bow:
Ernie, PM please, thanks.
can i ask for a link as well? Thank you.

BTW: Why dont you just post the link here so we dont have to ask individually?
this episode sounds great, can i please get a link?
Please send me the link Ernie Thank you :)
Can i have the link too? Thx Ernie :$
Hi Ernie,

Could I also have a link?

Thank you.
can i have a link too? thanks
Hi Ernie, thank you for the links you sent, can I have this one as well? many thanks!
Can I have a link for this episode too please?
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