Episode #1393 (2018.02.18) Ikinari Steak Marathon Part 2

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
This week's Gaki will consist of the second and final part of the Ikinari Steak tour. Until now they have already visited 7 branches of the restaurant chain. The members will have to continue eating delicious steaks. A luck drawing system will also be introduced. What will the member's fate be?
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Nice. This is some of their stuff that you can watch raw even without knowing much Japanese.
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Next episode will be another Goodbye Yamazaki!
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いきなり! ステーキ食べて10万円! 山手線周辺37店舗 完全制覇~!! (後編)
Gaki_180218_#1393_Ikinari Steak Marathon (2).zip