Episode #1393 (2018.02.18) Ikinari Steak Marathon Part 2

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
I would like to have this ikinari steak episode link.
if you don't mind Ernie
Hey Ernie, can you send me the link please? :) Thanks!
H!, Ernie. I would also love to grab the link. Thank you so much.
Hi Ernie, can you send me a link please? Thanks as always :)
Can I have the link? Thanks Ernie
hy ernie, please send me the link as well,thanks!
Guys quick reminder that you don't have to tell Ernie to give you a PM for every single episode. He will remember you.

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Could I have the link too please.
Can I get a link for this too please Ernie, thanks as always
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Can I have this episode?
link pls earnie, thnx!
And for part 2, link would be awesome as well! Thanks a bunch! :inlove:
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Can I have the link of this one? thank you so much
Please send me a link to the episode too, Ernie. :)
Happened the same on this one! I got the message but it got deleted somehow! Could you please send me a link again? Thanks again!