Mecha x2 Iketeru Ultraman Monster Audition {English Subs}

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Hey, not sure if you'll be interested since it's not Gaki related but I've subbed an episode from the show Mecha mecha iketeru, where they mess around with a bunch of monsters from the Ultraman series. Thought there may be some Ultraman fans hanging around this forum so here it is if you're interested.

http://jburogu-godzillaradio.blogspot.c ... ition.html

Che, Che,Che, Check it out!
So great and funny. Thanks for your contrubution.

Mechaike is one of Mr Spikebender's faves, so he can tell more about the subject.
As of Lincoln, I think it's unfortunately an "unknown" program among us. Therefore, thanks for letting us know about the adventures of this small alien and Matsuko Deluxe's burning desires xD.
Yes, Thanks a bunch for the amount of videos you've subbed (Gaki and non-Gaki) I have been on your dailymotion profile watching hours of shows I didn't know about!
Japanese TV is hard to find over here in the uk, basically unknown, unless you know where to look but I'm glad I found this forum and your subs as it has led me to a bunch of sites and subbers who do great jobs at bringing eng subbed japanese tv.

Do you have plans on subbing anymore ultraman monster auditions? Some of the previous games looked hilarious i.e. the jumping off the swing.

Again, thanks for your hard work!
yeah definitely a great episode. and as huge MJ fan it made my day or night i should say. im not a loser for knowin the whole thriller dance am i? who cares... EZO OUT!

oh one more thing, does anyone have a link to the first episode where they kept showing clips from?

also, thx Zilla!
I watched the movie just to check whether or not he is in the movie :D
Dunno how to put YT video ;(
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