[MOD POST] Upcoming stuff..

This Forum contains all the off topic posts from before!
Hello, everyone -- and my fellow minions.

It has come to our attention a while back, after that sudden MU death which blew things out of proportions, that half of the forum is almost dead. In this case, majority of the threads. Apologies for our inconsistent inactivity but real life IS a priority.

However, I am here to drop by very quickly before I sleep for my zombie-corporate work tomorrow morning to let ya'll know that we are aware of the link issues and are working on it.

Please be advised that, as there are few mods/admins who have SO much free time to replace the broken links, we can only do so much. There are so much 6-7 mods/admins can do in a forum consisting 35k+ members and over three thousand threads :(
So, yes, we are looking for [2 or 3] candidates who will spill blood onto the modship wall willingly to help us fight the invasion of spams and other stuff. If you know someone (including yourself) who has mod talents please step up and PM me or any of the moderators.

To quicken things up, we are looking for helpers who can help us with mending the links. I have forced the will upon my fellow mod to help me create a list of all inactive links or he will punished. All helpers will get a rank name change (hopefully to 'INI'S LITTLE HELPER' *cross finger* :nod: ). We'll go over that and see how much glue we have left to paste for old links. Again, please feel free to PM me or any of the moderators if you are willing to help.

On the other hand, there will be some minor construction with the forum. No changes in the layout but some things/sections will be condensed so that the lazies won't have to go around as if this forum is a labyrinth. Please expect the changes soon.

This mod post is brought to you by..... comfy kitty is comfy on booby below.
I can help I hav a lot of free time
hope that shad bro and i can be like duo MOD :P

-- 18.06.2012, 20:43 --

if no one oppose that is :!: