Ezo is getting hitched.....

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here goes nothing...

So im getting married in June and i've entered a competition to have the photographer do our wedding for free which would save me $1500. and even tho i hate facebook and hardly use it, i have to suck it up this week. so if you wouldn't mind. all you have to do is log on to facebook. like the photographers page (link below). then click on the wedding package contestants and like my pic (its only between 5 couples). we are the retarded looking couple with cookies on our faces. yeah i know....i just couldn't submit ur typical lame "couple" picture. the deadline is friday. so feel free to unlike his page after friday.


thanks ahead of time! and lets hope she won't back out in june :D
You've got my like :)!
You've got mine too! Nice shorts btw ;)

And congratulations on your wedding !!
haha for the record in the pic i had just came from playing sand volleyball. hence the shorts ;) and thx guys. really.
Done, and congratz ;)
sorry ,i don't have a facebook but

congratulations amigo :clap:

Congratz man!!!
Congratulations my friend and I hope that my like helped somehow ;)
... say... WHAAT!? Mr Ezo is going to tie the knot! :o
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Congrats ;)

As I'm writing this, you are ranked first: 301 vs 300 vs 271
DONE! and congrats
You're really lucky to be in this group. everyone is voting for you. Good luck in your wedding! :D :D :D
Hey guys, really a HUGE thanks for your words and votes. it really is making a difference. and apart from the competition, just shows how cool us gaki fans are. agin, my sincere thanks!!! :rock: :rock: :rock:
Genuinely and facebookly liked the photo too! :D
thx GR. also for the record, the explanation behind the cookie on face, its a game we played that nite. you place the cookie on your forehead, then u got to move your head to land the cookie in your mouth. if it falls u start over and place on forehead agin until u succeed. the person who does it first wins and loser receives batsu. the batsu that night was taking a shot of Noni juice. its the same batsu that Matsumoto and Gackt had to do on their 'cant laugh' competition. that stuff is horrible.....i dont care how healthy or good it is for you, its absolutely terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You got my like for creativity! :D