Do erotic late night game shows still exists?

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I always considered japanese game shows to be more open minded and intresting than everything else you see in the world and wasn't surprised how some nudity in the game shows spiced things up.

But do these shows still exist ?

I even found Downtown being part of a sexy dance here: ... deo=x8ascx
UP :rock:
is there any video of a full erotic show broadcasted on paid channel (i think), or any channel name?
Not sure what you mean by full erotic, but Beach 9 might be a good place to start.
July 18 has Bikini Butt Pump Game. Hosted by a creepy old dude who happens to have a business empire built on boner pills and other libido enhancers, and an ex-porn star, it usually features 2 new models looking to build their portfolios. The models usually get enough material to last three episodes, and then they get 2 new models. I haven't watched it since they replaced the former porn star co-host with a new porn star co-host. Plus, I don't like all the popup ads on J-addicts...
And then of course there's the karaoke wankers, but that seemed to be a one-off and can be found easily on YouTube.