Gaki No tsukai streaming website

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Hi everyone,
i'm currently making a webpage with all GNT episodes, from 1989 to now, on streaming. Sorted by years, series and stuff.
I should put it online after few days. Any of you have any idea about interesting thing I could add to it?
I have to ask are you airing raws and sub eps or just raws or just subs? If its subs only then ducktoaster is already doing that on Vaughn. As to adding to it maybe LINCOLN eps?

Anyway looking forward to your stream! ;)
My bad, bad explanation. It's not a live stream like Duck. (I'm captainpantie on his tream by the way, maybe we met there).
I tried to make one with all the unsub episodes, but my server is on Linux, and i spent days trying to do it, but failed.

I'm talking about a V.O.D., like youtube, dailymotion, ect. dedicated to Gaki, and some other show related to gaki crew. Hosted on a offshore servers, so more difficult to get it shut down coz copyright

You can browse the episodes by series (Kiki, Manzai, ect), years, guest (ex: Itao, to see all episodes with itao) or tag (ex: Outdoor, for see all gaki episodes recorded outdoor.)
At first i'm focus to upload the unsub episodes, wich means <1000 episodes.
I am on ducks most days by the same name. Sounds like a lot of work and i wish you luck! :rock:
There are many channels out there streaming subbed GNT videos already, but most of them are making money off of it. Which is just, pathetic. I would be interested in seeing a neat, sorted by category archive one can watch. Given that the subbers get credit by adding links to their sites.

The mods at the gaki no tsukai subreddit are already doing something similar. ... ster_list/

Instead of providing the episodes in form of a let's say a "streaming channel" on DM, what not, it looks like they're listing streaming links by the subbers themselves. Raw and subbed. Which we appreciate.

I'm for it though It's alot of work. Good luck.