Need Help Finding Japanese Word/Phrase for Art Project

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I have a friend working on an art project and they would like to use a Japanese word or phrase (that a native Japanese person would use) which conveys a deep sense of gratitude coming from a deep emotion and inspiration. The best way I can think to describe it is a word or phrase you would use to describe feelings about someone who you've had a long and close (non-romantic) relationship with that has shaped who you are in positive way.

What my friend was thinking of using was kanshakangeki (感謝感激), but I'm not sure that works. I was wondering if kanpai (感佩) would be appropriate or does it lose something because a different "kanpai" is used to make a toast.

Any suggestions on what might work would be appreciated, thanks.
感銘を受けました。 Kanmei o ukemashita.
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