Who lives in Japan and likes to take pictures?

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Hey guys

Since Im a big fan of Japan and its culture and all the stuff around it, my girlfriend and I would like to decorate the new Appartement we´re about to move in with some "real" pictures of Japan - common daily pictures from the most boring street, some pictures by night, places people like to visit and so on.
So surelly you think now - google is filled with it - and that´s true, but thats not what I want.

So my question: Is here anybody willing to send us some taken photos of the city town area you live ?
Like said, common photos of everything you can see; and maybe one or another Nissan Skyline :)))))))))

Let me know if anyone is willing to share some of its work, since there are many people who still go for real picture taking with a real cam other than smartphonecrap.

Kind regards from germany
Why not check Twitter? Make some new friends that way! I just have pictures when I went on a trip.
Sorry, I took most of my Kumamoto and Tosu spring season view with my crap smartphone.
No I dont wanna bum around like a stalker ^^
I know here are some japanese people so why not asking here :)))))

No need for special photos of springtime, of autumn cherry trees, the daily life pics! :) Please.