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I decided to try my hand at translateing, timming and overall subbing. I have created my first .ass file and all seems well till i get to the point in wanting to hardsubb the .ass onto the video. Any advice on what programs to use? I tried virtualdub but the avi i tried to import wasn't accepted. So other means is necessary.

Thanks in advance.
I use AVIDemux (Version 2.5). I think the reason I'm using that version is that a later one removed the easy .ASS sub filter option, but maybe thats been changed again in the latest release, haven't looked.

I dunno if this is the best way to do it, not being a pro-subber or anything, but if I remember right here's what I've been doing:

1) Open AVIDemux and then drag and drop the video file into the empty space of the window.
2) On the left, under VIdeo, I change the Copy dropdown to MPEG-4 ASP (XVID), you could also try H.263
3) Audio can be left as Copy or maybe MP3 Lame if it makes a big filesize difference (I tend to just do short clips so filesizes aren't as big as full episodes of stuff).
4) Format can be left as AVI or changed to MP4 or whatever you want.
5) On the top menu select Video -> Filters then Subtitles on the left menu of the window that pops up.
6) Double click on the ASS filter, Open your .ASS file and click OK.
7) Click Close then on the icon menu at the top, click the second one from the left (Floppy Disk icon) for Save Video. Select where to Save and it should start processing your hardsub.

If AVIDemux won't accept the format you're trying to use either, and you have a codec pack installed like K-Lite or something, it might be using some old or obscure codec. Handbrake, FormatFactory or other re-encoding software may be able to help since it'll give it a new codec or something like that. With FormatFactory I convert to MP4 and just make sure the resolution setting is set to the same heightxwidth and leave the rest of the settings Default. I forget what I do for Handbrake but I think pretty much default.
You are a Prince and a scholar. :bow: Thank you for your help. The hard subbing in the end was the easy part. Long story short, I at first subbed on linux(aegis), but avid didn't work on linux properly. The formatting on windows was all jacked up and i had to re-time and everything. Sucks. Sucks more because i realized after redoing all the work, that i was just missing the font on the windows side. Which is why the formatting was off. :swear:

Here is my first sub ever.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEgCgHld2uc some constructive criticism is welcomed.

Thanks again
Sorry to hear that Virtualdub didn't work out for you. This might be too late, but Aegis has a karaoke function in its timing. I've seen it used quite well in a Korean music video, but I haven't used it myself. I should have used it when I translated Neraiuchi and the other songs in Vladivostok. I guess I didn't because I probably guessed it was too much work. There are tutorials on Youtube about using the karaoke function.
I checked the video for Sakura Mitsutsuki (Honeymoon?), and I really like what you did. The font is awesome and pink was a brilliant choice.