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Hi. I was told tht in this forum i could get invites for JPTVTS. I would like to get one.
i would like one as well if anybody here have some..
Hello. I'm a big fan of Japanese variety shows in general. Especially idol stuff. Unfortunately, I've been running out idol shows to watch and found out about Gaki no Tsukai a while ago and I'm really having a blast watching all the content that shows up in the GnT's subreddit.

However, I want more.

I asked in a Korean Variety discord server what's the best site to get what I want, which isn't limited to just Gaki no Tsukai, but also other shows like VS Arashi, Uchi no Gaya ga Sumimasen, etc. and they mentioned JPTVTs. I googled it, and, of course, it was a private tracker with no open registration.

I asked how could I get my hands on an invite and was told that this Gaki no Tsukai forum was the best place to try to get one.

So here I am.

Can I get an invite to JPTVTs? I can provide screenshots of my stats in a few private trackers I have an account in.
Is it possible for me to get an invite too?