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Maybe but don't forget that this is a forum and I don't think phpBB would even support that kind of thing.
it sounds like you've never seen a search/sale-section in a forum?!
I have not. I mean, it's a cool feature but kinda pointless without english subs.
i see. it's a piece of cake to adopt it into a forum. no "technical" changes whatsoever. but i guess it's up the admin anyways...

not everybody needs subs. so far, i've seen a dozen seasons without subtitles and i do not regret having done so. no, i do not speak janapese and yes, i like ORIGINAL stuff. thumbs up! ;)
Ok I have no problem with that
yo !

i have started a listing of all gaki episodes ,very usefull i think here : viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2121

it would be better with:

subbed or not
links to the video or the thread

what do you think ?
Prior to the Batsu Game, many people will pass by. Therefore, I suggest to enlarge the chat window a bit.

a temporary solution would be to go there:

the chat is enlarged there
Ssshhtt wrote:
I think the site is already quite good, but there is only one major issue I think most users encounter: how to find the episodes that are subbed? Perhaps there should be a separate category of subbed videos (ofcourse this separate category can also be divided into subcategories to make searching for episodes more easy).

Other than that I dont have any major suggestions. The site works quite well if you ask me.

Anyway, thank you for the effort and as always: keep up the good work :bow:

The forum is organized fine. All the subbed videos are really easy to find. As they all have the prefix "subbed" and finding episodes is pretty self explanatory also. We have sub-boards so everything works out fine.
to make the site better we need a working "chat"... :envy: ..I'm the only one who's gettin problems with the chat lol :lol: :finger:

anyways, here's an idea:

creating a spacial page were we can easily find all kinds of episodes of gaki with working links or streams !! because I'm sick of seeing old topics were you only find deleted vids and useless "not-working" links !! I believe we should create a structured page "not based on the forum kind..
I think it would be nice to have a faviCon.

What is a favicon?
It is a image displayed in the URL bar of most windows browsers.

How to make one:

First select an icon that you want to represent the forum.
Then go to and upload be sure to select the option shrink to square then save.

It'll be favicon.ico

For Erhan.

Erhan then needs to drop this file in the directory (public_HTML/www) of this website and we will then have a favicon.

-- Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:18 pm --

By the way, we need to reenable the toplist.
hi hi !

i updated the kiki serie listing here viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1328&p=17101#p17101 with some links (to start)

tell me what do you think about that
soeey but this is in german also wenn ich mich einlogge udn dan sagen wir mal ins board index gehe dan auf das spy batsu klicke will ich mir die videos angucken also die links aber er loggt mcih automatich aus :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:
Ja weil der Link ein www drin hat und du dich auf der Seite ohne www einloggst. So sollte es gehen: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1996
Only suggestion I can think of is finding some more subbers (can't believe there are no more Japanese speaking Gaki No Tsukai fans) and regularly subbing episodes, starting with the more current ones, and as popularity expands, increasing to earlier episodes in free time.
This all would require more regular subbers, of course.
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