Obachan #3 passes away

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Sayonnara Obachan, thank you for the many laughs ;(


Akiko Mishiro, who was acting as Obachan #3 in Gaki No Tsukai, has passed away on the 27th from failure of multiple organs.
She was 65 years old.
She suddenly became ill and got hospitalized 2 weeks ago.
She did not tell details to the company she belonged to not to make them worry,
and her sudden death brought a lot of people deep sorrow.

At first when I read "Obachan" I thought it was the perverse one.

Sad news :(

sad ;(
That is sad indeed :(
Oh noes :(

She was so great in the various gaki episodes, especially the high school one constantly showing up with obachan #1 to molest the gaki crew. RIP Obachan #2
i will miss her freakishly big monster head....
Oh I remember her. Sad news, she was a very good actress.
Sad. She was funny! I remember her holding L.A. sign on the road:)
damn that sucks rest in peace Obachan #2
saad, I'm sure the gaki crew is gonna make an episode on her after this tragedy, maybe this week or the next one.. :o :o
@Kanzaki, ur rank is her u make me sad again ;(
joker wrote:
@Kanzaki, ur rank is her u make me sad again ;(

Blame ini for that ^^'
RIP :'(

Kanzaki wrote:
joker wrote:
@Kanzaki, ur rank is her u make me sad again ;(

Blame ini for that ^^'

Goodbye Obachan #2. Thanks for the laughs!! My favorite being the harassment of Mori Shinichi in No Laughing Police. Oh ... and The Flower of the School in No Laughing High School... I'm smiling now as I remember it.
Sad news indeed, you will be missed Obachan #3. :(

For those of you interested in Obachan #2, I believe this is a picture of her.

From Japan Wiki: Obachan #2 quit in 2000 because she got pissed when her wig fell off. :?: