[IMPORTANT] About the use of the chatbox by some members

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Some members sent me a PM about an untolerable chat session on the Gaki-no-Tsukai.com chatbox last night, and after checking the history of the chat I can only say that we have been deceived by some members we thought were much more intelligent.

Some members have yesterday shown an extreme level of immaturity, immorality, materialized by a set of free racist comments, assumptions and insults of other people believes.

Those members have been banned, both from the site and the chatbox.

The chatbox was originally designed to make chatting between members easier than posting on the forums. It aim was to quickly ask for a link, a file and discuss various subject, both GnT and non-GnT. But some members, who will recognize themselves, slowly made it hell on the site, multiplying intolerant and racist comments, hails for the KKK, insulting newcomers asking for the registering code (even if it is silly, remember that some members here don't understand English that well) and spending the whole of their damn day on the chat rambling and speaking nonsense like they have nothing else useful to do.

I thus declare that any other behaviour on the chatbox going off-limit will result in the permanent and irrevocable closing of the chatbox.

Thank you.
can you tell us who they were ? etha ma 3ndak mane3 :P
have i been at the chatbox?
have you Shadi?
I've never been to it at all :P
i interacted with some of those racist/narrow-minded/etc. people on the chat.
thank you for getting rid of them, and i hope my rude comments towards them didn't reflect badly on gaki-no-tsukai's reputation.
would you guys tell me who they were already...
still eager to know who they are eh Shadi.. :lol:
I don't think the admins would like to disclose those immature narrow-mindeds. I mean, who would do that?
I'm not pointing fingers for other's curiosity
*snap* Makes me wish I was there to witness it.
ShadiHD-san, if the people in question haven't learned their lesson, they will likely repeat the mistake and reveal themselves and your curiousity will be fulfilled.
Kanzaki, I want to thank you for banning intolerable behavior because I remember on the first few days of becoming a member on this site, I didn't really know how to navigate through the site to find what I was looking for. Then I saw the chatbox and thought maybe the guys there could help me. But when I stated I'm a newbie and started to ask a question, they started verbally 'bullying' me. When I stopped replying they called me arrogant. I thought too bad, I love GNT and this site.. I guess I just can't go to the chatbox at all. So really, thanks again for taking charge and maintaining the original purpose of this website. You're awesome! Much luv :D
no worries Ivana, this is no place for Stupid trolls
huh? why ban the chatbox when youve already banned the offenders? makes no sense..
Above Poster: To prevent any further immature misuse of people of that kind or for other reasons I suppose.