Episode #1299 2016.04.03 - Hollywood Zakoshisho Shichi-henge

45th Challenger: Hollywood Zakoshisho
ハリウッド ザコシショウ 七変化
Gaki_160403_#1299_Hollywood Zakoshisho Shichi-henge.zip
:inlove: thank you Ernie young
Matsumoto is JACKED as :swear:
Thanks ErnieYoung! :bow:

Ahobo wrote:
Matsumoto is JACKED as :swear:

Wow, for real! If his chest gets any bigger he won't need any padding if they give him a female costume to wear. :rofl:
Seriously a confederate flag? I'm sure Hamada doesn't know why but he should probably never wear that jacket again.