looking for typesetters

Basically looking for someone to type-set the Kiki series so I can translate it. Any takers? Cheers

Are you looking for experienced typesetters? If not, I would like to try typesetting :D
Not necessarily, but I have a huge wad of time at the moment so looking to do some Kiki episodes. If you want to try, please feel free! But please do a Kiki episode which hasn't been subbed yet. Thanks!
I don't have much time lately due to work but if I can manage it this weekend I might try. It'd be good to have more Kiki! Which unsubbed Kiki would you prefer to do first if any? :)

Also if anyone is thinking of helping Mickstar by typesetting but aren't sure how to do it, please feel free to Private Message me with questions. I don't have a lot of time to typeset myself at the moment but I can hopefully help others who do have the time. :bow:
Hey guys

I may have found another type setter but will let you guys know by the end of the week if I could use some help!

That's good to hear. :D
i'm a typesetter/timer and would love to help out :)
Hey, I've been doing some typesetting practice on Kiki Castella. Whether or not you need that particular episode typeset, I'd love to help out with the Kiki series or any Gaki content, really.
Ashhayes- Get in touch with me by adding me on Skype- Mickstar813 and we can discuss there! Thanks dude!
Let me know if you need some more help with typesetting/timing.
done :)
Forgive the basic question, but what does a typesetter/timer actually do?
Ni Oxx wrote:
Forgive the basic question, but what does a typesetter/timer actually do?

Press a hotkey button to mark where a subtitle should start appearing on the screen,
press another button to set where the subtitle should end,
and maybe change the color/style of the font (but in Aegisub you can just set some styles at the start and re-use them).
Not terribly difficult but very time-consuming and tedious to get the timing right for each line and make them appear long enough to be read.

EDIT: Oh in some cases, typesetting includes positioning the text on signs/boxes on screen. Not too tricky to do it in a basic functional way once you know where to click in Aegisub. A more pro typesetter will make the text appear exactly like the signage (in font style etc.) but that's icing on the cake.

If anyone wants to learn how to typeset/time then I'm sure people here on the forum will be happy to help.
Do you need to know Japanese in order to do a proper typesetting work?
Fengson wrote:
Do you need to know Japanese in order to do a proper typesetting work?

No. When working with a translator the dialogue you're given to time/typeset is in English. You just have to match the line with whoever is speaking at that time e.g.
Matsumoto: Konnichiwa.
Hamada: Gaki no Tsukai e youkoso.

And the translated English dialogue provided by the Translator:
Matsumoto: Hello.
Hamada: Welcome to Gaki no Tsukai.

You might not know what on earth they're saying here but you know Matsumoto is speaking first, so you'll know to make the text Red and time the "Hello" to him saying it (with a brief bit of spacing to give people time to look down and read it). Then the rest of the lines would follow in a similar fashion.