Murakami's Green Beret class

#839 1.21.2007

Hi all GnT fans!
Can somebody help to Megaupload this?
Thanks and yorosiku 8)
excuse me... is this upload already had sub in the vid (hardsubbed) or not?

thank you in advance for the answer :)
Unfortunately, it's not subbed.
bricktop07 wrote:
Unfortunately, it's not subbed.

uh well, i think i'm gonna shoot myself in the face for not understanding Japanese...

"arnold... OUTTOO!" bang!
Hamada's voice at the very end "toto baggu iran wa"
:) :)
Endou: America!
Hamada: Greece!
Yamazaki: Ukraine!
Matsumoto: Umm...
Tanaka:(whispering to Ma-chan) Egypt.
Matsumoto: Err... Umm... Egypt.
Murakami: Why the hell you say it like that? Say it like a soldier!
Matsumoto: Egypt!!

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Murakami looks like my mother-in-law. I know, but this drill sergeant bit really suits him. It reminds me of better days.

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Murakami: (looking at Matsumoto's uniform) Does your mother wash your elbows?...
Matsumoto: (later) elbow, elbow, elbow, elbow, elbow, elbow, elbow, elbow, elbow, elbow...
Murakami: (pointing) What is this?!!!
Matsumoto: Ear! *win*

Note: Hiza and Mimi (elbow and ear (you try raising a 2-yr old Japanese child)) have the same vowel pattern: frontal+frontal = frontal + frontal (i+a)=(i+i) It's a trick to make Ma-chan say elbow, but he beats that tongue twister, of c\ourse.