Episode#1102 2012.04.22 Shoji Murakami Michael Jackson Class

thanks! !

It's up now. JapanCH just being slow for some reason. edit: That's not in HD either it seems.

Also, YESSSSS!! My favorite series.
I think the message on JapanCH's profile says the owner had to go on a sudden trip which affected the video uploads.

On another note, Murakami's method of teaching people how to do the Moonwalk is actually pretty clever :D
May i request for a mediafire link?
This episode is quite funny with the moonwalk stuff.
Endo is very good at moonwalking thats for sure.
Files are up.
hi im new in this fanpage does this vid. any chance has a english sub. in it
村上ショージ マイケル・ジャクソン教室 & 着ぐるみトーク (Costume Talk)
Gaki_120422_#1102_Shoji Murakami Michael Jackson Class.zip
Thank you very much. ;)