Episode #919 Murakami's class - Geisha

it's on youtube ,not the better quality but it's subbed

#919 - murakami's class - geisha - 08.31.2008

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGfVR3nb ... ature=plcp

thanks to masafumi0711
How is it that I've only heard about Masufumi now? Awesome more Gaki goodness :tmi:
That's a great episode. Nice find.
thx for the SUBBED episode ;) works on youtube fine with CC on. did u sub this btw? would be cool if u could sub the others too :D if u got time
Could you please reupload it somewhere?
Could you please reupload ?

Thank you !
I would also like the subbed version re-upped somewhere please
I would also really appreciate this being reuploaded, preferably to the new Mega.co.nz
Yes, Mega is the ideal place for all future (re)uploads.
Please, reupload the subbed version :)
:( deleted in you tube.... re upload pls