Episode #1094 2012.02.26 100 Questions Matsumoto Hitoshi 1/2

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matsumotofan wrote:
TeaVilla wrote:

1. Matsumoto's latest "my boom" , answer "Muscle Tray" (Perhaps it's a fitness gear but I'm not so sure about what this my boom referring to, so I need some expert to confirm this)

I am no expert but i was watching this episode and noticed your anwser was a little off. The anwser to the questions was (kintore)きんトレ which means weight training (kin=muscle and tore=short for training).

The answer was written in katana as I recall. Tore could have 2 possible meaning, tore short for training (original turaning, something like that) or a tray. Since it was written kintore, my assumption was a tray instead of training. Since I'm not familiar with japanese term. And my prediction was it could be a fitness/exercise gear. I'm far far away from calling myself an expert in japanese. I'm sure there are many mistakes I made along the way.
I don't remember how it's written, but it's weight training as explained by matsumotofan. The shortened form is used often in everyday conversation. If you watch Gaki from, say, 2 years ago, you can tell Matsumoto got a little buff.
wasn't sure if this deserved its own thread so im posting it here.

Here is a half complete sub that i made from the information posted by teavilla (only the questions and answers are subbed). There are a couple Q&As i skipped because i had no clue how to explain them and some might be completely wrong, still worth the watch tho :)

Feel free to edit and complete the .ass if you wish. Enjoy

Matsumoto 100 Questions 1/2 .ass
Thank you for the file, n3gra!

I added question 2, and edited some of the other questions. Hope you don't mind...
uploaded on mf
I may try to tackle the dialogue some other time.

List of changes:
Yamasaki's answer to Q1: Muscles (kinniku)
Q2. What is Matsumoto's complex?
Y: Protruding jaw
H: Chin jutting out
E: Chin/jaw
T: Thin legs
Correct answer: His educational background
Tanaka's answer to Q5: Peperoncino (aglio olio)
Q8. If you can only bring 1 item to an unpopulated island, what would it be?
Endo's answer to Q10: 1:00am
Hamada's answer to Q20: "I am 5 years old"(1970 movie. A 5 year-old child living in Kouchi sets out on an adventure to Osaka where the child's father is working.)
Q21. How much money did Matsumoto bring today?
Endo's answer to Q30: Nothing
answer to Q30: Ability as an MC(host of a show)
Q32. What are Matsumoto's good points?
answer to Q32: He has no bad points
Q35. What is Matsumoto's favourite fruit?
Q39. What TV show does Matsumoto never fail to watch every week?
answer to Q39: "Burari Tochuu Gesha no Tabi"(title of a TV program)
answer to Q42: "I'm not interested in comedy."
Tanaka's answer to Q48: Welcoming him at the door when he comes home
I dont mind at all I appreicate you helping and updating it, ill have to check it out :D
also i dont know how you read tanaka's answer for #48 i didnt bother trying to google trasnlate that one it was so messy haha
Tanaka wrote this 「帰ってきたら、玄関に迎えにきてくれる」 for Q48
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