Episode #1417 (2018.08.12) 100 Questions Sho Ayanokoji

This week's Gaki will be another installment of the 100/500 Questions series. The last time
The singer Sho Ayanokoji from the famous Japanese Band "Kishidan" will answer 100 questions and the members have to guess his answer.
Questions will vary from personal ones to ones that will make you say 'Who the hell cares?".
Since his answers are really unexpected, the members will enter a hard fight.
Moreover, Ayanokoji will reveal some unknown episodes that will results in surprise & laughter
I'M SO EXCITED He's also DJ Ozma, his alter ego XD
Part 1
クイズ 綾小路 翔の100のコト (前編)
Gaki_180812_#1417_100 Questions Ayanokoji Sho (1).zip
Thank you very much.