[EN Sub] Giant Swing Golf Feat Ryoko Shinohara

Like most other Japanese variety shows, it featured guest interviews and games, but it is best known and remembered for its sketch comedy. Downtown and other cast members would dress in costumes and perform absurd skits with bizarre characters.
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I completed this "VINTAGE" episode of Gottsuee Kanji 1995.02.19 (9 mins) titled: Giant Swing Golf. The co-host is Ryoko Shinohara. Yes hard to believe she was in Downtown's group. For those who don't know: Shinohara is well known for the "Unfair" drama and movie series.

Two players (man and lady) challenge each other using "human" golf clubs (Jimmy Onishi, Koji Imada, Koji Higashino, Itsuji Itao, and Ryoko Shinohara). It's a funny and crazy episode.

http://j-addicts.blogspot.com/2013/10/d ... swing.html

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I love you. Keep up the amazing work!
I love Ryoko! :inlove:

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For the record, I also love Ryoko Shinohara. I was slow to admit it, though. She is my age, so perfect for me but she is married to an older dude who's like, 65-70 or something.
I really like that you translate some of the older, less popular stuff like this. It's very nostalgic. I especially like your avatar. What's her name? I do however, have a few points: The guy you are calling Higashino is actually Kurano. The [no] kanji in their names is the same, but that is definitely not Higashino. Also, and I could be wrong on this, but you have translated choro as "virgin". I believe Matsumoto is actually saying "Choro, choro!" which is Japanese onomatopoeia for "(It's) rolling! (It's) rolling!"

Keep up the good work!