Lincoln 13. 09. 10. END

Hosted by Downtown, it features seven other owarai geinin (comedians) in its regular cast, and has several recurring younger, more inexperienced comedians as guests.
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Last Episode of lincoln, enjoy and R.I.P. "Lincoln". ;(
:worried: :( :'(
Thanks for the upload! Ah, these tears. It was a fun ride and many of the earlier episodes stand comparison with the very best of Downtown's work. Sorry to see it go, but can't wait to see what's next. :)
Wait why did it end?! :(
Was there any indication that they were discontinuing Lincoln? Has there been a reason given?
It's never good when a variety program starts a lots of new corners at the same time and focuses on them. I do not know the average number of viewers, but I know the comments on the show were getting stricter. It was not the level you should expect from a shoz zith 4 major duos of Japan.

Lincoln was really fun at the beginning, alright until last year, and dull since the beginning of the year in my opinion. It started to rely too much on corners which should have been used less often (car navy rally for example).

Overall, 8 years is still pretty amazing for this kind of program.
so sad! ;(

but yes, lincoln was lately not good as it used to be.
I hope this is the beginning of a new fresh good show.
maybe the group keep together?!

hamda has already a "new face"!... so sad ;(
gsupanther wrote:
Was there any indication that they were discontinuing Lincoln? Has there been a reason given?

It seems it was announced before in Japan in a report on the decisions made in a "reform meeting" where some shows were cancelled and others changed timeslots. :|

The reason seems to be the viewership ratings. Some blogs mention it was popular when the show began but that the airing of the Lincoln Special in April got 7.0%. Then after that it declined further from 6.0% to 5.5% and then 4.1%. :(

It will be replaced with another Downtown-hosted show though with a more educational angle called 100 Seconds Dr. Academy (Hyakubyo Hakase Academy). Researchers get 100 seconds to prove if their theory will be useful to society in hopes of getting a grant. Downtown act as judges casting doubts on their theories to discern its usefulness.

It sounds a bit like Dragon's Den (Shark Tank in the US) which I stopped watching ages ago though.... And apparently those shows were based on a Japanese TV show called "マネーの虎" (Tiger of Money) that ended in 2004. But the 100 seconds time limit should stop it from getting boring and Downtown as the hosts will no doubt be good at making disparaging and funny comments on the fly regarding their theories. :D

I'm guessing it'll mostly be talking though... so without subs it might be a little dull for those of us who can't understand Japanese :( But I wish Downtown great success with it anyway.
Any download links availbe for this last episode?
Its a nice to have this one in our gaki forum collection.
No matter whether it's the last episode or not, Matsumoto's luck is always the worst. At least they had cake afterwards.
The beginning with Hotohara and Udo was also hilarious.
omg, someone must sub this episode :(
What is the encryption code for the download link?