Sports Challenge 3 - Skateboard, with extra scenes

Presenting Matsumoto's Sports Challenge, Skateboard with extra scenes! Another special thanks to Hinnerk for typesetting. Typesoshee has decided to add the extra scenes not included in the DVD version of the Sports Challenge. You will notice the quality difference, but the transition is very smooth. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mega:!UV90UZRB!0XmUaSx1NNO2 ... dQjvdac6aQ
isn't thanksgiving october? I guess thats just the Canadian one. :D
Thanks for this!

I think the episode number and date is: Gaki No Tsukai #540 (2000.12.10)
I love you Ducktoaster :* Thank you so much!

BTW I love the anotations explaining everything!
Thanks for this video! I'll watch it once it has downloaded. :D
Thanks a lot for the subs! :clap:
Link is dead now
Link was already fixed some time ago, so should be good now.

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