Cocorico Million Kazoku

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I know there is the 2hour hide and seek special, but I'd really like to see the others subbed as well, does anyone know if they exist? Thanks!
what do you mean the others? I have downloaded the Torrent file "[H!F+SMF] Million Kazoku SP (2009.10.06) (H264)" is in high quality and has subtitles... the link is: ... rent=23882

Hope it helps.... that special is really funny :)
there are more than one Million Kazoku. I think he was asking if any of the others were subbed.

As far as I know the only one subbed was the 2hr special mainly because Ishikawa Rika and Sayumi Michishige were in it. Hello Fansubs may have the other episodes in their list of things to do but they have hardly any subbers so big shows like this, Utaban and others hardly get subbed.

So unless someone picks them up its unlikely they will be subbed for a while if at all unfortunately. :(