London Heart Series

Want an episode/video subbed? Come check out all other requested videos here and make sure to bump it up to speed the request
This is a little bit unrelated to Gaki /downtown but i HAVE to show you guys these series are as funny as the batsu games here. I couldn't stop laughing at the video .

London Hearts is a Japanese television show hosted by London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go. It features ordinary members of the public who are 'set up' using actors and hidden cameras. It also features celebrities.

There are very few subbed files but lots of raw ones and i have to recommend you guys to watch the women ranking each other series.

I would like to request these files subbed please!! I know its asking a lot and i hate the fact i don't understand japanese and i can't sub them myself. ... on&start=0

This is a massive list of raw files of london hearts!!! Please please please try your best to subbed thses :hai: :hai: :hai:
Those are really funny! I would like to see more of this show :)