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High school russian roulette...

Posted: 31.07.2012, 18:25
by Sefidum
In the end of the manzai dvd #8, there is the entire outtake for who is going to participate in the next batsu game (high school). Is this subbed somewhere or could someone please do it? It is the one where they take turns to see if an outlet is electrified or not...

-- 31.07.2012, 20:44 --

Also, in the same clip where they are doing the roulette-thingie, Endo has a very distinct black-eye. Curious as to why... ;)

-- 31.07.2012, 20:45 --

It is this one if anyone is wondering what episode it is (when it stands on its own, and not in a dvd)

#763 - Electric Shock Roulette - 26.06.2005

Re: High school russian roulette...

Posted: 31.07.2012, 20:31
by Kanzaki
It's here:


The rapidshare link is still working I think