3rd Gaki vs Tenso

Hello everyone, here's the 3rd part of these competition episodes. It's a two parter. Enjoy.


Here are the episodes in Pandora and Megaupload.





[MU] Mirrors :

3rd show part 1 - #881

3rd show part 2 - #882 [ No mirror ] :unsure:
Part 1

Part 2
woah i juss now notice that yamasaki aint in this one :shake:
what the hell is the 2nd game called in part 1 at the start, so funny.....and wierd

-- 16.08.2012, 23:25 --

part 1 is only 20 seconds long and part 2 is only 7 seconds long ; ;
is there someone who would share full versions of the part 1 and 2?