Not an errand boy song

This is the song from the second yamasaki produced with all gaki no tsukai members. Sorry for the bad quality
d'awwwww how cute they singing together! but don't look like they're enjoying this e_e'
haha I'd love to know the lyrics and their comments, they are probably mocking eachother on the song
I started translating it for fun but as I'm no good at the Japanese it will take a while. I don't have enough faith in my translation ability to make a subbed video, so I will just post the lyrics when I'm done. But so far, the lyrics play it straight (something about reaching for stars and junk, I don't even know). If anything, the lyrics are funny because they're so cheesy. :D

Since they get so excited with their heckling, I can't really make out what they're saying, though it's obvious from context (their reaction at Hamada's bored expression gets me every time)