Matthew's Best Hit TV - Guest: Abe Natsumi

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anyone know the full episode of it?
I only found one on youku
here's the link
I wonder if anyone have a full episode of it..
or that's all Nacchi's part on it? since at the last segment, they seems to talk bout having a medley song..
I really love this episode XD,, kinda know how Matthew's feel :$
Nacchi's so cute when she enjoy herself like that :inlove:
Zurui subbed several episodes of Matthew's Best Hit TV. But, I don't think he ever got around to Nacchi's. ... 0Hits%20TV
Unfortunately Abe Natsumi's one hasn't been subbed :( ........(yet)
Also as Dynasty has put, Zurui has been kind enough to put links to the show. (though he did not sub them)

If the links do not work then you could download the episodes via torrent from Hello Online in the tracker section.

But chances of finding them on Youtube or Dailymotion are slim as I used to put them up and now they are banned. lol
(if you do find them, grab them as soon as possible before thy get taken down again)

Also recently (4th April) another Ayaya Best Hit Tv was subbed, only place to grab is Hello Online I believe.... maybe I'll try upload them again. lol