Hello from Deaf person

Come introduce yourself and feel at home!
Hello Gaki fans,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kazuma Sanjaya and I am a typesetter. It is my first time to be here and I hope everyone is very friendly to talk me. I will be happy to meet other Gaki fans. I remember when it was my first time to know about Gaki No Tsukai by watching Gaki No Tsukai No Laughing at Hospital.

I did typesetting few videos. I will post subbed videos later. GodzillaRadio and ShibataBread inspire me to begin subbing and timing any videos. I want to continue, unfortunately, I need a help from translators. If you need a typesetter, I am here to be needed from you.

By the way, I am Deaf and I live in USA for a decade. My English is pretty good but it is not advanced as people in America. If you notice something wrong in my grammar, please let me know. :nod:
Hello, welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here :)

It is always great to have more subbers and you are very kind to offer your time in typesetting for others.

Your English is great, don't worry. People will understand you perfectly. I don't know if you really want any corrections purely for informational purposes since you mentioned it on each post, I kind of feel rude, plus even as a native English speaker I still make mistakes, everyone does, so it's possible for me to also make a mistake when trying to help you heh. But if it is of any help to you here are a few things I noticed.
Past and future tense in English language can be tough so it is very understandable to mix things up.

I did typesetting few videos.

I've done typesetting for a few videos.
(past tense and added "a" before "few")

I am here to be needed from you.

I am here to be needed by you.
Or you can simply say:
I am here to help you.

I live in USA for a decade.

I've lived in the USA for a decade.
(past tense. I don't know how essential it is, but USA is often called "the USA", since it refers to the collection of states "the United States of America". But if you just say "America", then there is no "the", I guess because it refers to everything as a whole)

it is not advanced as people in America

it is not as advanced as people in America.
(extra as to refer to how advanced, then the second as refers to who you are comparing to. You can also say "it is not as advanced as a native English speaker", which refers to anyone who has English as their first language.)
Welcome KazumaSanjaya

Dont worry about your hannicap or english , my english is by far more worse than yours for sure. :P

I hope you have a nice time here on the forum.
Hey! Thanks for a good welcome. I appreciate to be here for while. I know there are many subbers in here, but I hope I will be a good partner for everyone.

Soudou, you are very helpful to give a feedback. I will be careful with my English.

Welcome to the forum KS. your enthusiasm and work is and will be much appreciated here. have fun and may the force be with you.
Ezoghoul, thanks for a nice welcome. I will be happy to be here.

Anyway, I just want to let you know that I already have subbed for a few videos. The videos are:

1. Hamada's Gakititanic Batsu game (It will be posted on Youtube on end of July)
2. Ittsuji Shopping part 1 and 2 (I need a help from a translator for part 3)
3. Marshmallow Eating Show POSTED!
4. Gaki No Tsukai Fart Contest (French Cuisine) POSTED!
5. Gaki No Tsukai Fart Contest (Sushi) POSTED!

If you want to see them, please visit at my Youtube channel.

Thanks! :D
KazumaSanjaya wrote:
Soudou, you are very helpful to give a feedback. I will be careful with my English. Thanks!

No problem. Oh and no need to be careful. It's just discussion on a forum, it's all good. :)
Welcome to the forum, KazumaSanjaya!

Your English is excellent compared to a lot of people's English! Thank you for your work, and we are pleasured to have you here on GnT.com!

Also, if you're interested in typesetting for a team, Team Gaki (I manage public relations/web design for them,) is looking for typesetters! You would be working on occasional big projects, like the yearly batsu for instance. If you're interested: http://www.teamgaki.com/requirements. The requirements aren't as strict since the yearly Batsu has been finished, and we've been working on small projects, but we still need all the help we can get! If you want more information, please feel free to PM (Private Message) me.

Thanks for everything, and welcome to the GnT forums. :)
welcome aboard man, hope you enjoy your stay here x)