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Posted: 07.01.2017, 10:19
by AnchangStyle
Hey Everyone,
i wanted to give myself an introduction. I kind of came back into Gaki mood mainly due to threads on their new special popping up all over the place, eventhough i totally forgot to even watch the don't laugh prison.
Iam from Hamburg Germany and just completed my Master's degree in Japanese Studies (yeah whatelse should one study...right?), with a focus on politics.
Since iam on a bit of a break i went back to studying japanese (among 2000 other things iam doing at the same time) so my fiance doesn't have to be totally embarrassed for my way of speaking (and for how little i have to show after years of university).
What else...Hobbies? Iam very much into 3d Modelling, practicing Mixed Martial Arts and love guitars.
My main interest for japan actually stems from Heavy Metal (or music in general) and indie movies (big sucker for Sono Shion).

Yeah well

Re: Whaddup

Posted: 07.01.2017, 16:39
by dokuro
Hi! Welcome :bow:

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Posted: 11.01.2017, 00:50
by onomeister
Hajimemashite!! I'm new here too!
Douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

Re: Whaddup

Posted: 11.01.2017, 12:31
by gesichtspalme
Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay.

It's always nice to see some new people. :)