No-Laughing Newspaper Agency (2008)

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Too bad my Japanese isn't good enough to translate otherwise I would've done some work (since I've got some spare time this- and next week).

Just to give an idea of how it's subbed: the ep goes on over 2 and a half minutes without any conversation translated into a subtitle.

Waaaaaa! That was hella funny. Thanks for the hard work & for sharing this. XD

Well whoever did the subs for this did a pretty good job doing the coloring. Once I saw the colored version for hotsprings, that was real useful to tell who said what, even though it was obvious. Doesn't matter if it's considered "incomplete". It's much better than watching it without any subs and not knowing how to read or understand japanese at all so thanks.

When the dvd version becomes available I could complete the subbing, I'm quite confident in my language skills.

Originally posted by gojinki
When the dvd version becomes available I could complete the subbing, I'm quite confident in my language skills.


The DVD is already out but I don't think it's on the net yet...

DVD version with chinese subs

Maybe a chinese speaking person can help sub it! :P

Props to who ever subbed this. so far so good. i know there are missing parts but the issue i'm having is that the timing of the subs start to go off somewhere near the middle of the video...terribly. I don't know if the video player I'm using (Media Player Classic) is adding onto the problem. I know that this is a work in progress and I have the patience for it so I'm just offering constructive criticism.

edit: on second thought, are these subs for the aired version or dvd?

I renamed all my videos so I'm not sure which version this is... but I'm using the reporter.ass subtitles along with the version that is 2.01 GB, 640x480, 3h:17m:41s long.

My guess would be that you are using the wrong video... with the timing being off that's usually the problem.

These subs are for the aired version, the DVD version was just found recently so it doesn't have matching subs yet.

Thanks to whoever made these subs. Not sure if this was the dvd or tv version but it was hilarious as always.
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is this subtitle are English subtitles???
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