HITOSHI MATSUMOTO Presents Documental (Amazon Prime)

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HELL YEAH BRO SOOOOOO STOKED.. I HAVE BEEN WAITING... Season 2 was what got me started and honestly is the best season of the series.. also Yoshimura is a beautiful man...

Ap2000 wrote:
Today I opened my Prime Video app on the TV and I saw "Documental" on top of the "my program" list.

I clicked it.

And well, I guess by now you know what I saw.

Season 2 subbed
It's been a while since they published Season 1 with eng subs but i'm confident Season 2 will be better than the first one. The new rules are great and important.

i didn't know this was up on us prime fully subbed will watch
if you cant access to Amazon Prime Video, you can search documental on nyaa tracker.
I just decided to check on amazon.co.jp if there's a third season already, since it said "to be continued in summer 2017" at the end of season 2...
https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E6%B3%A2%E4%B ... DOCUMENTAL

Turns out, they're already at season 5 there, which really surprised me!
Season 3 is now available with subtitles on Amazon Prime.
Season 4 has now English subs.

In Japan they're already at season 9, seems to be very popular!
Hey guys

Just read the first time about this and Im very happy and at the same time very sad about it, cause I cant get my fingers on it :D
Is there no possibility to get the subbed seasons somewhere since its not available on our amazon :(((((((((

Kind regards and thanks a lot
Just out of curiosity and also because I'm kinda happy about it, Documental was turned into an international Amazon format:

Hopefully Matsumoto gets paid well for the licensing!
Thank you for the tips. :D