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[HELP] Design Indie Game of Gaki no Tsukai (Android and iOS)

Posted: 10.03.2016, 21:14
by lopelat
Hi to everyone.

Im LOPELAT and im a student JAVA programming and i have an idea to make an app about the tv show.

I can't say something yet!!!!! BUT i need some help about the design of the game. Im not a Designer and i dont draw very well ...

This is my draw of HEIPO (he is the person that explain the challenge)


And this are the challengers:

Endo Shozo


Tanaka Naoki


Yamasaki/Tsukitei Hosei


Matsumoto Hitoshi


What do you think? Please...dont be rude with me...hahahaha

But i have too much problems with Hamada Masatoshi... Can you HELP ME??????

This are the toons:

"Woman" Hamada


"Gorilla" Hamada


Or a "Woman" Hamada with Gorilla nose?


All the progress that i have with the app i will post it

Thanks and sorry for my poor english

Re: [HELP] Design Indie Game of Gaki no Tsukai (Android and iOS)

Posted: 11.03.2016, 21:38
by soudou
Wow, Matsumoto looks great! I can't really decide on the Hamadas, hopefully someone else can chime in. Maybe you can use the art for the 3DS game as inspiration: ... ende-2.jpg

By the way, if you intend to put it on app stores you'll probably have to ask for permission from NTV, they have some apps for iOS and Android, so they might take down another game on the app market:

Best of luck with your project!

Re: [HELP] Design Indie Game of Gaki no Tsukai (Android and iOS)

Posted: 12.03.2016, 01:50
by lopelat
First of all, thank you for your post.

Yeah, i think that the Matsumoto toon its the best toon that i draw. I like Heipo too hahaha.

About the app, in first time, i dont wont to upload the app to app stores. I prefer testing the app with fans of gaki no tsukai in this forum.

if the people really love the app, yes i wont to upload it to the app stores, but yeah, i understand the copyrights of the gaki no tsukai tv show.

My first idea, its create the game for a single players, but if i learn how can i do to make a multiplayer would be awesome.

i cant talk much about the game hahaha, its only an idea now, but i have a first draws for the game.

i think tomorrow, sunday or monday i will start to programming the game.

i will upload some notices about the game here.

thank you very much.