It’s that time of the year again!

The Gaki no Tsukai fan community is growing steadily and It’s always satisfying to bring you subbed episodes, It’s what we do! And we love it. Knowing that it takes so little effort to become a contributor I always encourage people to at least try helping out. But how are you supposed to help if you don’t know what is needed? That’s why I’m here this year again to tell you all about it, making everyone who has been wondering about joining Tofu Panda or helping out with subbing in general feel confident in themselves and try their hands on something which is awesome!

At the moment we are mainly looking for translators so if you know Japanese and English and want to practice your skills, let us know!

In order for us to release more episodes, we need more people on board. At the moment we have many episodes that are fully typesetted but need a translator! In cases like this we would ask people from other subbing groups(DTRsubs, Team Gaki - Give them a like on facebook) to help us but as they have their own schedule too, and not to mention a private life just like us, we need to respect the time each individual has to put away to do something like this.


It is extremely important to mention that each member of TPF has received an in-depth introduction to Aegisub. This is a philosophy we’ve embraced lately and is to me very important to maintain. If you don’t know how it works but still want to help, we are here for you and willing to teach given that you show some dedication. :)

The GNT fan community is such a wonderful place and you quickly start to notice as you do fansubbing that contributing gives so much back. It’s nothing like you’ve ever done and fun!

If you want to help out this year please send us an email at: with a small introduction.


I’m posting this in a couple of places so before asking questions please visit:

and the reddit post from last years recruiting: ... pesetters/

Other than that I’ll answer any questions you post below. Take care!