ame ta-lk 2021

I kinda understand the reason for both Miyasako and Hotohara.
But i still don't like the fact that Yoshimoto, especially Okamoto, got away with it.
The current public Youtube video is set to be removed on the 18th of this month.
I think this special stream is an important part of Ametalk so I decided to make a copy.
Unlike our great Ernie, I don't have a cloud library for long term storage so I can only provided a temporary link.
It will stay up for 30 days after the last time it was accessed: (check the left side of the page)

To Ernie:
I don't know if you have access to better sources but, if you want, feel free to include this rip in your collection for long term preservation.
ame ta-lk 2021.08.17 - Special Edition

Ameagari Kesshitai Dissolution Meeting
アメトーーク特別編 雨上がり決死隊 解散 報告会
ame ta-lk 2021-08-17 AbemaTV Special
Thank you Ernie San and Artins90 san for share the information and links.

Ameagari Kesshitai is one of my favourite combi besides DOWNTOWN. I knew the 闇営業 is bad for all the geinins but never imagined they were dissolution, I always believed when the time past Miyasako will returns with Hotohara as combi and active again after seen 亮さん from Londonboots returned. But sadly it will only happened in my dream.

At last I hope both of them will have greater future after dissolution!
Ernie, Thank you so much for posting this show and all of the others as well. :)
ame ta-lk 2021.08.19 - Ueshima Ryuhei Kanreki SP
上島竜兵 (祝) 還暦SP
ame ta-lk_210819_Ueshima Ryuhei Kanreki
ame ta-lk 2021.08.26 - Neko Meromero Geinin

Comedians who Love Cats
ame ta-lk_210826_Neko Meromero
ame ta-lk 2021.09.02 - Kawaii Danshi Daisuki Geinin
かわいい男子 大好き芸人
ame ta-lk_210902_Kawaii Danshi Daisuki
ame ta-lk 2021.09.09 - Kickboxing Daisuki Geinin
ame ta-lk_210909_Kickboxing Daisuki
ame ta-lk 2021.09.16 - Manga Daisuki Geinin II
ame ta-lk_210916_Manga Daisuki Geinin
ame ta-lk 2021.09.23 - Pachinko Baito Geinin
ame ta-lk_210923_Pachinko Baito
ame ta-lk 2021.09.30 - Maseki Geinin Revengers
マセキ芸人 ~リベンジ編~
ame ta-lk_210930_Maseki Geinin
ame ta-lk 2021.10.04 - 3HSP Part 1

Dagashi Daisuki Geinin #2
ame ta-lk_211004_3HSP [1] Dagashi Daisuki Geinin
ame ta-lk 2021.10.04 - 3HSP Part 2

Bibiri-1 GP #8
ビビリ-1 グランプリ
ame ta-lk_211004_3HSP [2] Bibiri-1 GP
ame ta-lk 2021.10.14 - World Artistic Gymnastics Championships
ame ta-lk_211014_World Artistic Gymnastics