The Team Fight Special! - Dodge Ball (Subbed)

Thanks to hand for the raw file. Download on my blog as usual. Enjoy!

Putlocker backup:
THis has to be the best way to play dodgeball ever!
This would make such a great and amusing sport to watch ^^. Tho I do realize why it would never be possible to become a real sport.
Now that's the way to play Dodgeball! Honestly, they should have this type of "sport" in P.E.
Did YOU take that ball to the face at the end?....

Anywho, that was amazing. I saw the other one, but not this special yet. LOVED it. Dog on bike and the vacuum cleaner made my day. xD
THIS IS GOLD ! I love it ! typical 90's japanese gameshow :D :D funniest dodgeball I'v ever seen, I wonder if anyone took the idea I made another gameshow on it
epic game!! like it very much..thx zurui for subbing tis
Man whoever designed that set was not kidding around about firing those dodgeballs, LOL, looked like they hurt a lot.

I totally lost it at the slapping machine on wheels sniping unsuspecting Matsumoto :D
Yah, didn't look pleasant, a ton of high speed head shots there.
Wonderful, wonderful! Thank you, Zurui!

Wow, this episode is something special! What a great variant on dodgeball! With the huge "machines" on each side, the randomness of it all! People crossing from one "machine" to the other, shots rocketed across at frightening speed! Wonderfully creative!
zurui wrote:
Thanks to hand for the raw file. Download on my blog as usual. Enjoy!

It is also possible to have the RAW file ?
Thank you very much :hug:
can someone do something about this guy?
Which episode (number) is this? :)