Classroom move SP with Kojima Yoshio (PRODUCTION-COMPLETED!)

Keep a tab on INCOMPLETED subtitle progress here
Hello everyone!

I want to let you know that I and my partner will begin to work on new Lincoln video. It is Classroom move SP with Kojima Yoshio. It has about more than 45 minutes. We decide to work on each part, which is four parts into one full-length video. Each part is between 11 to 15 minutes so it will take few weeks to complete each part. We recently started on last week so my partner already translated the first part on few days ago.

I think we will post the first part on Youtube on next week if possible. We would like to have your support on us so we can work fast and hard. ;)

I would like to give a small credit to my good friend, GodzillaRadio for teaching me how to make new appearance of subtitles. I think you will love this new subtitle's style. :D

Anyway, I have to go back to work right now. I will let you know when I am finished with the first part. I am sure you will love this video 'cause this is the best hilarious video we have ever seen. Thanks for your patience and support. We appreciate to keep GNT and Lincoln alive!

Best Regard,

Looking forward to your work! :D
Hello everyone.

We have completed the whole parts of a video. The whole parts are subbed and posted on Youtube. You can watch it on the links on below.

►►►The videos will be public on October 5 at 12 AM EST.◄◄◄

Classroom with Yoshio Kojima Part 1 (Completed)

Classroom with Yoshio Kojima Part 2 (Completed)

Classroom with Yoshio Kojima Part 3 (Completed)

Classroom with Yoshio Kojima Part 4 (Completed)







OPAPPI!!!!! Thanks so much for this guys! I can't wait to see it, I love Kojima... Have you considered Dailymotion or Mega links, youtube can remove content quickly... Though I notice I have seen your channel before - so thanks for all the other ones I downloaded too!
more power! hope you would be releasing the rest of the episode soon! can't wait to watch the whole thing...