Hi! well im not a subber neither an Jap-English Translator, but actually I'm translating the Batsu Games to Spanish. I hope that you like my jobs and be useful to all of you. I'm like a "Spanish Translator"

Here are is my curriculum:

Name: Rufus

Email: RufusGaki@gmail.com

Timezone/Country: -5 GMT / Chile.

Time you would like to work on subbing a week: Almost all days, always i found some time to keep on my translation.

Experience so far: Hmm.. nothing :D, but I'm learning while I'm doing this job.

Here is my first project: Hospital Batsu Spanish / Español [Subs]

What task would you like to cover in the project: Almost all the Batsu Games, and translate them to spanish.

Thanks all of you guys who keep doing this amazing job!