No Laughing Airport Batsu 2011 [Japanese Sub]

I dont know where to post this, so I just post it in the batsu game forum.

This is Japanese subtitle for the airport batsu game, ripped from original TS file. It hasn't been synced with any of the available rips.

This will definitely help the translators (zurui etc) :) Feel free to use it.
If you shift the times back by 58 seconds then they start out in sync with the 720p copy of the video. Obviously more shifting needs to be done at each commercial break to bring this in total sync with the 720p copy.

What's interesting, but makes total sense, is the subtitle file only has the dialog that is not already covered by the Japanese subtitles that are part of the video. Some lines that are covered over by sound effects, the audience, and other noises are in this file. Kinda cool.

I tried throwing some of the text into Google Translate to see if it makes any sense at all and it barely does. I think those looking for a quick means to have some translation while waiting for Zurui and company to finish their work won't find anything here.
I also tried to translate it. You really do need a human to properly translate it.

I did a direct translation of the to by using goolge. The .srt file is attached.

I guess I'll just wait for it to be properly translated
Here is a ZIP file with an SRT and an ASS version (because VLC won't display the SRT version properly on my computer for some reason) of the Japanese subtitles that furransu supplied that I've timed to the 720p version found here.

These are not English subtitles.
Wait...what ??
ShadiHD wrote:
Wait...what ??

Japanese sub ~
I know it's just kinda weird ya know, subbing a Japanese show with Japanese subtitles since there are subtitles already in the video, but I guess that might be a good thing cause sometimes they say something and it's either covered by the audience laughter or some background music
Same language subtitles are commonly available for movies and tv shows. Nothing weird about it at all.

Hopefully the subs can help with my Japanese listening skills, thanks :)
I was thinking the same, Artheas. Thanks for the subs :)
I'm viewing with the video file that will be used for the final english translated version, and the subs are out of sync with that version by about 5 seconds, so I adjusted natsilane's .ass file for the correct timing.
Thanks a lot for this. Anyone know how we could get this every week? :D
Thanx to everyone that do sync and so on for this subs.
is there any way to you can share this TS file?

i would love to have the BR version of this one.
on_three wrote:
Thanks a lot for this. Anyone know how we could get this every week? :D

Where did this pop out of? After all the work the guys did to manually translate the series this came out :tmi:

After throwing it into Google Translate, its obvious that there is contextualization of the translation to be done,
BUT it does give you a rough idea of what is going on. Can someone please explain if more of these files can be
sourced? I would be happy to give it a try to make some of the translations work with content that is not currently


(sorry for bumping an old thread) :call: