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Hama-chan New York City Mechanical Pencil Trip

Posted: 09.09.2009, 09:50
by TdK ... n-ny01_fun

If this link doesnt work, just type `nomimoe┬┤ on
There are also Lincoln Hamada cook and other funny videos.

Posted: 09.09.2009, 10:23
by Erhan

Posted: 09.09.2009, 10:42
by TdK
There is also 2nd part. (Sorry, dont know how to post Dailymotion videos)

Posted: 15.09.2009, 03:05
by iStiRCraZy
i remember seeing this on Youtube with english subs before, i wonder if its still there.

Posted: 18.09.2009, 14:43
by discoma
Wasn't it a Sharpie instead of a mechanical pencil?

Posted: 18.09.2009, 16:33
by alfred_49
here it is - how to embed vids (from troubleshooting & help section):

Embedding Videos

Posted: 18.09.2009, 16:41
by Erhan
Yes, it says sharpie in the subtitled version but isn't he getting a pen from the guy in NY?

Posted: 16.12.2009, 14:11
by OzakIito
hahah... remember this...
just to get a sharpie

hahaha &&& i really dont understand why sakamoto ryuichi was so involved with dodntown & gaki... he was in aho aho man..

i only knew sakamoto has a pianist and his mesmorising peice * merry christmas mr lawrence

if some1 has info it will be great...

Posted: 19.12.2009, 15:27
by Chrisso
Ah, how awesome! Sakamoto Ryuichi is a really great producer and pianist, he made the music for the movie "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" , which also is the title of the theme-song (you should really listen to it!)

The live version (AWESOME ONE TOO!)

And Kotaro Oshios awesome guitar cover version

Posted: 20.01.2010, 04:21
by gelasius1
is there a subbed version

Posted: 20.01.2010, 18:27
by Amanda_88
hahaha...I'll remember this next time I borrow a pen. :D

Posted: 20.01.2010, 18:37
by infimum
Before anything else, Ryuichi Sakamoto was a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra, the only Japanese band to have appeared on Soul Train.

Posted: 20.01.2010, 19:31
by rocky_iwata
Originally posted by discoma
Wasn't it a Sharpie instead of a mechanical pencil?

They clearly said "sha-pen" (a shorten form of "sharp pencil" = mechanical pencil) throughout the show.

Also, watch the second part. Most of mechanical pencils comes with a rubber sticking on the other tip, Sharpie doesn't.

Posted: 07.07.2010, 02:43
by tomboyxx11
can i please get a link for the subbed version? thank you!!

Posted: 07.07.2010, 19:25
by z270
Wasn't this in DTFS release of Hamada batsu game?