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MIB 3. Similar to the first and second movie: silly, cheesy, and awesome. Though I'm a bit exaggerating on the 'awesome' part but it was definitely leaning on the positive side.
Dark Knight Rises...

DKR is an incredible movie. and now that all 3 are done, you can put them side by side and compare. For me, DKR was the best one because it had 2 elements that I feel the other 2 didn’t have to this level. Of course tho, all 3 movies are superb! The first element was emotion. I can say there are easily 5 moments where you actually feel what the person on screen is feeling, be it sadness, desperation, pain, anger, and hope. And they do that with a few characters in this movie I felt. And looking back at the others, I can’t say that they made me really feel anything other than “man this is freakin awesome!!!”, which of course isn’t a bad thing. Nolan simply took it to another level with this one. The 2nd element is the twists/surprises. You definitely don’t expect who was behind it all and the ending would’ve been perfect regardless which route it took in regards to Batman. Even tho it is 2hr 45min. I definitely did not feel that on this movie. and yes, I wish it would’ve been longer honestly.

Im sure everyone is comparing who’s was a better villain, Joker or Bane. I feel Joker was better but I don’t feel because of that Dark Knight was a better movie cause of the reasons above. Bane is awesome, his level of evil or bad mother reminds me of Darth Vader actually. And ironically they both have mask and distorted voices. But I mean more in the fact that like Vader, Bane is so hardcore, he shows no mercy to anyone. I know Joker showed no mercy either, but I feel the seriousness of Vader and Bane is very similar. If you don’t do what they ask, ur dead. If u get in there way, ur dead. If u look at them the wrong way, ur dead. Its greatness! One thing I know for sure is that there is not one human being currently or ever will be that can understand Bane’s voice completely. Its impossible.

Catwoman…I really didn’t have any expectations because I had no idea how Hathoway would do. But u know what, she did excellent. And looked pretty darn good too. Now in comparison to all super hero movies. for me this is easily the best one. Most super hero movies usually only have 2 elements I feel, action and comedy, maybe some drama. The Batman trilogy, and especially DKR has so many things that other super hero movies lack. Its just sooooo well polished in every aspect. of course guys are all for super hero movies but like I feel any girl would also enjoy DKR cause of the story and drama it has. So yeah…there’s really no need to give it a rating….cause u get the point...
Dark Knight Rises (uh, twice) - aside from my blatant love for Tom Hardy's Bane, this movie is great. I would say my review is quite similar to Ezo's above.

Ted - funny and recommended for any Family Guy fans
Wreck it Ralph review...

Take Toy Story concept of toys coming to life and replace it with video game characters n you have yourself wreck it ralph. but not as funny. is the movie good? Yes. is it better for gamers? Of course. but there were definitely some slow parts on this movie which really are its only drawback. i think the movie has lots of potential to make good sequels if they want to take in that direction because the movie does have funny moments n who doesn't want to a see movie with a plethora of videogame characters interacting with eachother?!?! its the reason Smash Bros and the new Battle Royale Allstars are loved. The movie is enjoyable, story is actually pretty good too, and as a gamer, its exciting anticipating or looking for all the video game references they make.

I give Wreck it Ralph................... 8 of 10
Star Wars IV: A New Hope(1977)

I'm actually new to Star Wars, never before watched it and I just started the little marathon to watch them all 6. Mainly because they have announced to release Star Wars VII by 2015 so I want to stay upto date with it before that.
The movie was quite good for its time and I didn't really mind the old graphics and animation stuff. I can't really do a good review so I'll just give it a score. I'll give it is a 8/10. -2 because I found the lightsabers funny, and Darth Vaders voice didn't sound too intimidating. Lulz.
remember i hope u are either very young and do not live in USA, cause if aren't either, thats quite unbelievable that u had never seen any of them.
Iron Sky

Nazis set up a base on the dark side of the moon in the 1940s and haven't had contact with the world since... until now. At its core I see it as a parody of America and its politics. It's campy, over-the-top, and if you're into that and you're in the right mood it's a great movie to watch and have fun with. If you're not, you'll absolutely hate it. It suited me nicely, 8/10 for me.
The Hobbit. So awesome I'm watching it again tonight. 8)
Rurouni Kenshin (Live Action)
hmm, maybe 8/10

Needless to say, it's muuuuch better than Hollywood's anime/manga/game live action
good action, nice adaptation.. but it's lack Kenshin's Comedy like Yahiko, Sano and Kaoru's quarrel, Kenshin's silly act and his "Oro?"
Also Hajime Saitou in the movie is not cool enough compared to Manga's.
but it's very good adaption, absolutely worth the time
Akira Kurosawa's ''High and Low'' 9/10..I got Criterions BD as gift and absolutely loved it. I'm thinking of getting other his movies as well ... gonna watch Paranormal Activity 4 tonight too ..
Django Unchained
Love it.. Just another great movie by Quentin Tarantino and i personally like it more than Inglorious Basterds.
Too bad he never films sequels by himself. Great acting by Jamie Foxx and a lot of funny moments.

If i should rate it, i would give it a 9/10 :)
Chinese Zodiac 12 (Amour of God 3)

sadly, it's the Last Jackie Chan's big Action movie....
good story, good action, and comedy intermezzo. Typical Jackie Chan's movie, enjoyable and funny..
too bad some of the detail isn't explained
Helter Skelter 2012...
just google it... :)
Gonna make this thread active again. 8)

Thor 2. I like it better than the first.

4 Disney movies in one day (Tangled, Brave, Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast). All movies will have one review and that's filling my head with unrealistic views of romance for 3 days (except Brave).
The Flowers of War

This movie is based on the Massacre of Nanking that occurred in 1937 between the Japanese and the Chinese, which was a very dark and sad point in the history of mankind. and well the movie is pretty sad and brutal, but very well made. really one or two words that describe the movie is Self Sacrifice cause thats precisely what so many characters in this movie do. and unless you are a robot, this movie really hits you deep down inside. There are some very graphic scenes, one in particular being a rape scene, so be warned. but that scene in particular was appropriate for the brutality of what really happened, so its not like your typical hollywood movie that just puts graphic scenes just to try and take it to the next level for attention. The movie stars Cristian Bale.

If you are unaware about the Massacre of Nanking or Raping of Nanking as it is also known as, i would recommend reading about it first, since its hard enough to even swallow just reading about it, before seeing it portrayed on screen.

I would give this movie 10 out of 10 :clap: ;( :clap:
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