• 1993/10/21 #03 (Entire Episode)
    Guest: 山瀬まみ (Mami Yamase), a singer, actress and anime voice actress who gained popularity from the late 80s onwards.
  • 1993/12/09 #10 (Guest Segment)
    Guest: 横道坊主 (Rascals in Nagasaki dialect). Punk rock band formed in 1984 with a major record label debut in 1989.
  • 1994/01/13 #14 (Entire Episode)
    Guest: 篠原涼子 (Ryoko Shinohara), a singer and actress.
    If anyone can find these missing Downtown Juice episodes and individual segments it'd be greatly appreciated!!
  • 1994/03/17 #23 (Guest Segment)
    Guest: 加納典明 (Noriaki Kano), a photographer, essayist and actor.
  • 1994/04/21 #28 (Entire Episode)
    Guest: オスマン・サンコン (Ousmane Sankhon), a TV personality & writer born in Guinea, former dplomat and Guinea-Japan Exchange advisor.
  • 1994/06/09 #35 (Entire Episode)
    Guest: 中條かな子 (Kanako Ogata), a TV personality, model, actress and singer.
  • 1994/08/11 #44 (Entire Episode)
    Guest: 島崎和歌子 (Wakako Shimazaki), actress.
  • 1994/09/08 #48 (Entire Episode)
    Guest: 景山民夫 (Tamio Kageyama), acclaimed novelist.