Batsu 2013/2014 Preparations - Recruiting Part Time Members

Aka the trash bin
Yeah Yeah!!! Agree with you andylau-fr That will be AWESOME!!! :devil:
Was i suppose to be contacted by now? its getting pretty close and I am yet to know if I will have any responsibility towards timing the upcoming project. Let me know please. :hai:
Fireman would be so funny if Tanaka is involved!
But.. He'll die out of fear, I'm afraid :D ... 599ac4.jpg

this picture suggests it will be a military themed.
pokornya wrote:
this picture suggests it will be a military themed.

Hi pokornya, there's been some discussion and more information released recently, you can find it all in the most recent posts within this thread, enjoy! :)
augh, that time of the year again ! :P, this year has been so hard on me, but hopefully I'll join the team again 8)
I wish i could help, but i barely understand Japanese (at least at this time) :/
If you do need an encoder/editor, I can kindly help you with that.

I got a 8 core processor (fx 8250) and an ati radeon hd 7950 3gb 384bytes.
I would like to apply for the typeset position, I have plenty experience with aegis. timing/typeset/karaoke.

Some of my recently works:

Mecha Iketeru 131116 Sports Festival SP

130224 SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep06

and at least 50 AKBINGO! files typeseted by me: