WEDNESDAY DOWNTOWN 2023.04.13 Hey, I'm Ghost. I will be taking over Wednesday Downtown uploads from now on.

I'd like to ask mods if there is a server of some kind that I can upload these to. I do not have access to a premium MEGA account, and storage options (as well as privacy support) is limited.

I have access to RAWs from around 2020, can just one mod reply so I can help with clean-up/be given advice on servers?

Thank you.
oh finally. Its great to have someone to take over Ernie for WD's new episodes. Please do keep it up. Tnx
I'm so happy you're doing this. I'd recommend hiding the MEGA link behind an encryption key like Ernie-san did, if not your links are likely to get taken down and/or might get into trouble (depending on where you live).
Anyway, looking forward to your uploads as I don't have time to watch it on Wednesdays on TV.