Suyoubi No Downtown Episodes

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I posted last here.

I'd really like to apologize sincerely, as there have been a lot of things in my life that have meant I have been unable to upload episodes here as intended.

I'm really sad that I've been unable to do uploads, as I had found a site where they are hosted regularly and was intending to post them to mega.

The majority of the most recent and newest Suyoubi episodes are hosted here: ... 6%E3%83%B3

In the gap since Ernie-San's departure, a few of those that are not available from the above link can be found over here:

However, I want to point out that there are still some episodes missing that may be difficult to find.

Indexing and uploading these episodes for the community is a gargantuan task, and maybe in the future someone will be able to follow in Ernie-San's footsteps and help build the community up again.

Even though I wanted to do so, I have found it incredibly difficult to commit to regular uploads due to limited resources, a relatively slow computer and a busy schedule as of late.

In the meantime, I really hope that these links will be of use in the community while we wait for someone to take over regular Suyoubi episodes, and the resources to manage to do so consistently.

I really hope that you are able to enjoy the episodes hosted here. If someone is able to keep the Suyoubi uploads alive for everyone to enjoy on the site and index the archives for the site, then please volunteer if you are able so that everyone can enjoy.

Thank you all again.
Just wanted to throw it out there for anyone interested in uploading, TBS FREE has the latest episode on their site available without account creation, in 1080p, and it's not too difficult to download from. Unfortunately it's only the latest episode. May also need to use an Asian proxy/VPN.
  • Suyoubi website - scroll down to the Catch Up section
  • That'll take you to TBS FREE, use an Asian VPN if it doesn't load (free one in Opera GX works, and you can turn off the VPN as soon as the video loads)
  • To download check your traffic when you load the video (an adblocker's logger works great) and filter for 'm3u8', then copy that link into yt-dlp.
Here's episode 2023-08-02 for an example.

So yeah anyone can start archiving future episodes in decent quality: no need to be in Japan, have hardware for recording, or subscribe to a streaming site.
For TBS FREE it is enough to use opera proxy just for
yt-dlp can download video from ... 6%E3%83%B3 directly
Niidou wrote:
09.08.2023, 05:09
yt-dlp can download video from ... 6%E3%83%B3 directly
Oh yeah, that is a better option. And TVer uploads a day earlier and has slightly better audio than TBS FREE (192kb/s aac vs 128kb/s aac)