Batsu Game Locations

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9ine wrote:
A few of the locations are really hard to get to if you don't drive.

Or if you haven't visited Japan at all~
Updated with the Detective Agency locations.
This is so interesting and well put together. Thanks a lot for this and keeping it maintained :D
there was a site that had mapped out all of the routes taken via car, bus, etc it probably got taken down as I can't seem to find it
Updated for the Science Lab batsu game.
Added American Police batsu game locations.
Added the Treasure Hunters locations.
So glad you're keeping this list updated, Natsilane. More power to you!
Updated with the 2019 high school batsu game locations.
on_three wrote:
Much thanks for this Natsilane! I was just starting to research these batsu game locations, and this post came up on my first google search for Nissan Sports Complex (now Konami.)
In addition to the NTV building in Tokyo, I'd like to visit one or two of these in solution crédit consommation time (probably the sports complex as it would be easiest.)

This is my first time here and I just want to say that I’m very happy to be here and to share my opinion.