Update on Joker subs

Keep a tab on INCOMPLETED subtitle progress here
In case you guys are wondering what happened to my yamazaki subs.
I am taking a long break to finish up my school 6 month project.
After the project is done i will be subbing it back again.
Regarding those threads that I created, it is for the community so if something is down, please be so kind to the community and fix those links.
Release is stopped, I will rarely check back the webs, so feel free to post it here.

In case you guys are wondering what project. It is a simple project with the scope:
Streaming video.
Self created webpage.
Stream with no buffer.
Minimize the interferences.
Stream wirelessly.

If anyone have any suggestion to help me, just pm me the so called help to ease my load.
Once again,
Goodbye community
Until we meet again in 5-6 month later 8)
Thx for your effort and good luck to you and your project.
Go for it and good luck!
good luck make sure you can keep in touch with all of us